Net Zero USA

LED Lighting Business with Net Zero USA

A business opportunity with no residual fees

A Low Cost Opportunity
And Never Any Residual Fees

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Provide energy-efficient savings to customers

A Green Energy Business
Providing Tremendous Savings To Customers

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Industry-Leading Profit Margins with Net Zero USA

Industry-Leading Profit Margins
Because We Own The Technology!

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Custom designed products

Custom Designed Products
No Other Company Has Access To

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Build Your LED Business With Net Zero USA

Net Zero USA is a closed distributor network of sellers and installers who sell our own manufactured highly innovative and extremely energy efficient LED lighting retrofit solutions that save vast amounts of money and energy.

The U.S. energy efficient buildings market is worth more than $100 BILLION dollars and our GREEN Business Opportunity is your entrance into the action!

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An Energy and LED Lighting Business Opportunity

Net Zero USA is not a franchise but a business license opportunity. Net Zero USA licensees enjoy the consistent centralized training, weekly meetings, project support and designs, partnerships with Samsung as well as national testimonials that separates them from local market competitors.

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A Real GREEN Business

Net Zero USA offers a real GREEN business opportunity where you will help organizations target energy efficiency and energy independence, achieve their sustainability goals, AND save money! We are a Net Zero business – which means we produce 100% or more of our needed power. Our LED lighting products are designed to help your customers do the exact same and achieve tremendous energy and financial savings.

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Industry-Leading Solutions For Your Customers

Being the manufacturer of most of our LED lighting products gives our closed network of distributors a great platform to service their customers at the most competitive price. By eliminating unnecessary middle men, the customer can receive the best solution at the best price. When the customer wins, the network wins.

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Proprietary LED Lighting Products

Net Zero USA is the only manufacturer of a full-line of UL Listed and DLC Certified LED Lighting Retrofit Kits and T5 Lighting Adapters. We back these up with industry-leading product warranties including 10 years on all LED Strips and 5 years on all LED Drivers and T5 Adapters

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$100+ Billion Dollar GREEN Buildings Market

Get a piece of a $100+ BILLION Dollar Energy Efficient Buildings Market that's so bright it's blinding! Take advantage of the energy transition happening every day in your city. Net Zero USA’s LED lighting solutions help customers achieve their sustainability goals while saving a tremendous amount of money.

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LED Lighting Solutions with Great ROI

Business owners love Net Zero USA’s line of LED lighting solutions because they make financial sense, provide a great return on investment (ROI), and can be implemented quickly and easily. Our energy efficient LED Lighting projects pay for themselves in under 30 months in most cases, while including a 5-10 year warranty! Best of all, our GREEN business opportunity offers you the ability to develop lifetime relationships with customers, maximizing your efforts and opening up the door for unlimited revenue over time.

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